Moving the Mountain


Well, with the old writing partner showing up and revisiting older materials, I thought I should go looking for the old notes and such and bone up on the material.

I should have taken my shots first, before venturing into that jungle!

Is there really that much DUST in the world? About half of it is now taking up residence in my lungs!

Note to self: “do not ever store older writings in those conditions again!!”

As harrowing as the venture was, I’m glad I risked life and limb to pull the stuff out of the deepest darkest recesses of the large storage shed.

(You know the type of shed… the one where you put things that you “might need someday” but suspect you won’t, so you won’t care if some random fire takes it all.)

This reminds me of a cartoon I saw on Abstruse Goose some time ago. (I’ll have to look for the link.)

Jesus is pointing to a mountain and says that of you have faith, the mountain will move.

Some heckler stands up and says, “Prove it!”

Then Jesus sighs and leads his followers away. They return driving bulldozers.

The heckler says, “Oh, you meant that kind of faith.”

The statement at the bottom says: Jesus, the most misunderstood man in history.

Seems I got the wording a little wrong but here’s the link:

In any event, I moved my mountain only to present myself with a mountain of pages to go through.

I sure hope this is worth it!


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