Exit Chavez


Well, another “third world leader” has left us.

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, has succumbed to a bronchial infection and departed the realm of the living.

For all the bad press he has gotten in America, he seems to have done quite well by his own country. The people truly loved the guy and he seems to have been making a positive difference with all the problems there.

I wish we had a president who could take a stand against the oil companies and end the strangle-hold they have over us. While the economy flounders, the gas prices keep going up and up, giving them record profits again while the rest of us have to readjust our finances to afford getting to work on a daily basis.

In Venezuela, gas is only four cents a gallon. Yes, $0.04 as opposed to the near $4.00 a gallon we are paying. A couple of years ago, when the winter was really bad and the fuel oil prices were over the moon, Venezuelan tankers brought fuel oil for distribution to many in the Northeast United States too strapped to pay the high prices.

And the oil was free.

Imagine, America receiving aid from a third world nation. Or rather, Americans receiving aid from him.

My hope is that someday we too can have a leader like that.