Out of the Frying Pan


My co-author for the Lycron stories picked a bad time to move back to Phoenix.

He has resided in the relative cool of Minneapolis for the past twenty-five years while he worked for a company that had relocated him from Phoenix.

Now, retired, he returns to the home of his childhood…

…during one of the hottest heat-waves in Arizona history!

I remember life in Phoenix and the sweltering heat. Days are so hot there that most people cannot survive with “air-conditioning”. The houses in Phoenix are “refrigerated”, not conditioned.

The hottest I ever had in the city was 128 degrees (the record at that time) and it came on March 22nd of that year… yes, the first full day of spring!

So, as hot as it is currently, I am certain he will re-acclimatize rather quickly.

And I am sure he knows to stay indoors!