Welcome to My World(s)

I have been reading and writing science fiction for about as long as I can remember.

And way back in 1972 – in a universe, now far, far away – I went with a friend, William Jonson II, to present our science fiction television series proposal to the lights in Hollywood. We had gotten the proposal and the three trial scripts registered with the Writers Guild of America – West before we took our little trip. We had heard that such was standard practice.

Gene Roddenberry was very pleasant, but he was busy with his new series “Planet Earth” (a re-do of his earlier “Genesis II”) and suggested another producer who would like the continuity of our stories, Earl Hamner.

I don’t know why Gene thought the producer of “the Waltons” might be interested in such a thing but we took it to him as well. But he was busy on his own next series and wished us luck.

And that was the end of the adventures in marketing our TV series.

Though Bill and I had discussed reworking the scripts as books, we could not seem to get back together to work on it. I continued working on the “background” material for the series – whether in print or televised – and wrote three of the ten proposed manuals.

We lost touch over the years and I am now preparing to get back to work on the novels.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of William Jonson II, I would love to get back in touch with him. Meanwhile, though, I will continue writing the tales.