Partners in Clime

My ancient writing partner has recently returned to Phoenix after many years of residing (and not writing) in Minnesota.

Now that he has retired, he is interested in resurrecting the story production.

The original story was developed by a gang of four in Phoenix in 1972 and though the “silent two” did not lend a hand in the writing of the stories they did support the creation of plotlines, characters and such.

If the thing had sold in Hollywood, they would have been involved in some aspect.

When the project remained unsold, we each went on with our lives and the other three found other interests. Survival requires such things.

I continued to write on the Lycron subject but did not have much luck selling any portion of it. Still, though, it might be lucrative in the future and I kept up with additions to the canon.

One of the group never left Phoenix. One moved to North Dakota and has begun writing on his own, and doing quite well. One is returning to the hot desert of Arizona and I am living in climatological comfort in Northern Virginia.

Climate probably has nothing to do with writing.

And the fact that two of the original group are back in the heat where it all began probably does not mean much either.

More important, of course, is time enough to write. But even that is not the most important.

I think that would be the need to say something.

And that is the only climate that matters.


Out of the Frying Pan


My co-author for the Lycron stories picked a bad time to move back to Phoenix.

He has resided in the relative cool of Minneapolis for the past twenty-five years while he worked for a company that had relocated him from Phoenix.

Now, retired, he returns to the home of his childhood…

…during one of the hottest heat-waves in Arizona history!

I remember life in Phoenix and the sweltering heat. Days are so hot there that most people cannot survive with “air-conditioning”. The houses in Phoenix are “refrigerated”, not conditioned.

The hottest I ever had in the city was 128 degrees (the record at that time) and it came on March 22nd of that year… yes, the first full day of spring!

So, as hot as it is currently, I am certain he will re-acclimatize rather quickly.

And I am sure he knows to stay indoors!

Re-Doing Older Material

My publisher is of the opinion that the older Lycron material originally written for a proposed television series should be published as the scripts they are.

I was hesitant to agree.

Reading them so absolutely dates the material and it will probably only be useful to anyone as an historical exercise. Whatever.

Meanwhile, I am updating the stories to be published in novel form. The characters – very progressive in the seventies – now seem a little stale, so they all have to be updated as well.

And though the stories are basically sound, there is a lot of changes that have to be made in them as well.

Science fiction has changed by large degrees since the days of “Star Trek”. The science fiction movies of the fifties (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “The Mysterians”, “Fifty Foot Bride of Candy Rock”) cannot be watched by anyone today without a few chuckles. The science fiction fanbase has gotten so broad with the “Star Wars” films, the “Alien” series, and the more recent “Avatar”, that the stories have got to be a little more sophisticated than would once stand.

And so it was with the material we created in the early days of television sci-fi. The stuff is dated and needs a generous shot in the arm to be palpable. Or salable.

The first episode “Check, Check, Checkmate!” was our attempt to introduce the primary characters and the political situation behind the series. There are obvious holes in the politics as written.

The second offering, “Someone Out There Hates Me” was a bit cheesy at the time… and seems so much more cheesy today. I have half a mind to skip this one entirely.

The third script, “My Angry Friends” was – I believe – the best story of the three as it deals with a hitherto unknown civilization and a completely different form of life. And it brings out the personality of one of the major characters quite nicely, which the previous offering failed to do for another of the major players.

Anyway, it will be fun to readdress the stories in a new light.

And then, perhaps there will be some need for the Lycron Federation Manuals and handbooks I have written over the years.

Yeah, I know… dream on…